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[Fehler&Vorschläge] Special Guild chats for Guildwars

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gepostet am 2021-08-28 09:48:31 | Nur die Posts des Autors zeigen

Hello everyone im kinda new to this game but im experienced in such War games. What i miss here is the feature for special guild chats. For example : there should be a chat or notification (like a report mail) for ALL guilfmembers when one of them get attacked by another guild or player. Also i miss a chat where only few person from ur guild have permission to write in, but everyone can read it. So this one is used to give important information like for rallys on enemies or fel turfs (or however they are called) at a certain time. Also a chat like that for diplomacy information, who are ur allies who are ur enemies. I guess thats a missing part of this game. Its hard to have an overview about such things.